4G Connection booster скачать бесплатно на Андроид

4G Connection Booster improving the quality of your smartphone connection.

* Want to speed up Chrome, Firefox … or the browser you use?
* Have you ever been locked your phone when you connect to the internet?
* Note that the connection is going slower than normal?
* I take to receive Whatsapp or Line?
* Want Improved speed internet?
* Share music, share pictures, share quickly with two clicks.
* Navigate faster, cleaner internet connection.

Clean your phone, leave your phone as the first day, clean the trash to your mobile, clean the old connections, try it yourself and be amazed.

When you want to improve the connection, open the APP, and in less than 10 seconds you will have a renewed connection with your phone company.

Works with all operators, is the best internet booster. There are already hundreds of thousands of users worldwide who enjoy a clean connection and renewed 4g

With this application completely renew your connection, the telephone exchange of your operator will assign a completely new IP.

Try it and you will see how in two simple clicks you notice the improvements.


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