Android Wear Faces Creator скачать бесплатно на Андроид

Create your own custom Android Wear Watchface (WearFace).

In addition you get five quality design watchfaces for you LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live and Moto360.

Just install the app on your mobile and sync the apps from the Android Wear App.

To best enjoy the watchfaces turn on:

Settings > Always-on screen

Please note that this App is not compatible
with Samsung Gear, Gear Fit, Gear 2, Gear Neo, Sony Smartwatch 1/2 as it is an Android Wear Application. Please, don’t rate this app badly because it does not work with such device.

1. Simply download a wearface pack from onto your device/DropBox.

2. Open the WearFace App and import the zip file (ES File Explorer works best)

3. Hit “Send to Wear”, wait some seconds till the watchface data transfer is finished and reapply the custom watch face.


1. Design your own watchface by creating pictures for the dial, hourhand, minutehand and the secondshand and the according dimmed states. (best 320x320px and .png format) Or download premade watchface packs from users on:

2. Save your own custom watch face files on your device/Dropbox.

4. Start the WearFaces App and choose the different files.

5. Hit “Send to Wear”, wait until the dialog opens on the watch. After the progress bar finishes you can reapply the “Custom WearFace” from the wear watchface picker.

6. If you want you can export your creation. The watchface pack will be saved on the sdcard under

Downloads/WearFaces/ You can also share your creation or send it to us at

[email protected]

Maybe you get featured on the website!

Please send feedback or issues to [email protected]
Contributors: 4 new watchface designs from the exceptional designer Ryan M. Kelly ( squareWear from Georgios Mn Yuki Anzai and Tavon Gatling for making this possible!


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