Apink Buzz Launcher Theme скачать бесплатно на Андроид

Be the first to meet Apink’s Buzz Homepack!!

Designed for all those who love Apink, meet their fan cafe, twitter and facebook right on your phone.
Download Apink’s homepack and also enjoy their new MV, Mr. Chu!!


★ How to apply this theme ★


✓ Install and run the application. If you already have Buzz Launcher, your theme will be automatically applied.

✓ If you do not have the Buzz Launcher yet, you have to download it

! This theme is applied automatically when you install Buzz Launcher.

✓ Now, enjoy your Buzz Launcher Theme on your mobile phone!


★ Why Buzz Launcher?。 ★


♡. What is a ‘Homepack’? It is a new type of theme package that will help you change your mobile wallpaper, icons, applications, and widgets with a single touch of a button!

♡. This themes and 300,000+ other homepack themes are FREE.

♡. Your homepack theme will be installed automatically after download.

♡. Multiple ways to decorate your mobile phone. We provide multi-backgrounds, personal icons, and more!!!

★ Note ★

☆ Available from Android 4.0.3+ (ICS or Above)

☆ Now available on Google Nexus 7

★ E-mail ★

[email protected]


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