AppLock Theme - Stone скачайте бесплатно на Андроид


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Why do I need this App?
PRIVACY LOCK is a reliable safeguard to protect and secure your applications and private chats from WhatsApp and other messengers – Hike, WeChat, Line, SMS, Viber, BBM, Facebook… Additionally, it also helps to lock your photos & videos and provides stronger protection for your Android.

Now you can heave a sigh of relief and not worry about:

Girlfriend/boyfriend trying to go through your messages when you’re in the shower.

Parents/kids curious about your gallery and FB status.

Colleagues accidentally see “private” pics/videos when you let them use your phone.


What do Privacy Lock do?
Lock Down Your Privacy:
Easily and quickly lock/unlock your Apps & messages, a simpler way to protect your privacy.

Uninstall Useless Apps:
Detect Apps that consumes most storage space and data usage, uninstall to cleanup your device.

Backup & Restore:
Batch backup your APK files and settings to the SD card, quick restore after rooting your Android.

Hide Your Videos & Images:
Keep your personal video & images hidden and protected, double-secure your gallery and privacy.

Customize Your Themes:
Multiple cool designed themes are selectable, enjoy a colorful lock screen!

-“This app lock is really good, it consumed a lot less space, really light size app it is, well there’s nothing I didn’t like by far, best part is the boost, and good design too. I prefer password lock than pattern though, the unlock is much user-friendly.” —K**al (Student from University of Delhi)

-“It look good and clean. Love the lock/unlock idea, the boost function and the inter face for password page.” —Fi**l (Fishman – IT Engineer)

-“Great job u have done. Most of all it’s user friendly and effective, easy with PIN to unlock, and backup is terrific. Good protect for your mobile” —L**tha (Fishman – BD Manager)

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