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Free & No ADS! Beautiful High Fashion Luxury Polka Dot Theme. Simple, sexy, luxurious. Pink & White polka dots accented with diamonds and a black technical pattern. Made for Go SMS Pro. Also available in 2 other color combinations:

★ 3 FREE Matching Launcher Wallpapers Included > Tap App Icon > Tap Wallpaper Icon

Black & Red Polka Dots

Purple & White Polka Dots

✔ Custom made design from top to bottom

✔ Bold pink & white polka dot background

✔ Black studded tech pattern on the top and bottom

✔ Cute and luxurious matching popup chat window

✔ 2 crisp chat bubbles, one pink and one black

✔ 2 different custom backgrounds for messaging and conversation views

✔ Customized text colors for all GO SMS screens

✔ 33 circular purple application icons to match the theme

✔ This theme is designed to be completely cute and awesome but still make it easy to read your messages, enjoy!

✔ Theme can be stored on your SD Card

About Go SMS Pro:
GO SMS PRO brings you cool UI, fast and convenient SMS/MMS experience. GO SMS Pro is the most popular messaging app; Very powerful, Cool, Funny, Safe, Fully customizable; Well support SMS/MMS + GO Chat(free message) + Walkie Talkie(free voice). MUST HAVE. Search GO SMS, install it if you don’t have have it. Then…

To apply theme:
Tap App Icon > Tap Set Theme > Tap LOCAL > Apply > Beautiful Pink Polka Dot Theme GO SMS

If you enjoy the theme let me know in the ratings, thank you!

I wanted to create free themes for everyone to enjoy. In order to offer this for free and keep designing even more free themes, I have no other option but to show ads. We’ve carefully placed them so they don’t interfere with your theme. To help offset the ads, I’ve also included 3 FREE Matching Launcher Wallpapers. To apply > Tap App Icon > Tap Wallpaper Icon

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Thanks for your interest in our designs!


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