Cute Planet Wallpaper скачать бесплатно на Андроид

Welcome to Cute Planet – a live wallpaper and a cute mini game collection. Cute Planet is a perfect addition to AFW – Cute Widget Pack!

Create your own cute live wallpaper by building your cute planet from scratch:

★ Build unique houses

★ Add plants and decorations

★ Adopt cute little animals

★ Play fun mini games and challenge your friends online

★ All this and more right from your home screen

Cute Planet is a live wallpaper game and it takes time and patience to earn stars and collect all the items. If patience is not your thing and you want to unlock everything right away, then check out the Cute Planet Unlimited edition. It comes with unlimited stars and cute cash and 5 new Premium decorations!


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What’s the difference between stars and cute cash?

A: You can use stars to buy buildings and decorations, while you need to use cute cash if you want to adopt animals or speed up the building process.

Q: How can I get more stars?

A: You can collect stars by playing the cute mini games or when your animals bump into each other.

Q: Do I have to buy cute cash?

A: You can get cute cash for free by inviting friends or downloading other fun games. Check the Piggy Bank for more info.

Q: Why can I only play one mini game?

A: Each building comes with a new mini game. The more buildings you build the more games you can play.

Q: Where are all the cute animals?

A: To adopt an animal touch a building and tap the buy button. There are six different animals available: Kitty Cat, Fat Panda, Teddy Bear, Hoppy Bunny, Crazy Monkey and Chill Penguin.

Q: Why are the games running slowly?

A: The mini games might run slower on older phones. If the games lag too much, try turning the sound off.

Have other issues or questions?

Feel free to email us, and we’ll get back to you right away!

And if you enjoy playing Cute Planet, PLEASE RATE IT 😉


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