DashClock Battery Extension бесплатно для Андроида скачать


DashClock Battery Extension is an extension for DashClock Widget. Displays charging state, level, and other information about your device’s battery in the widget.

Get instant access to:
• Current battery level

• Current battery status (Discharging, Charging, Not Charging, Charged)

• Current power type (AC, USB, Wireless)

• Time running on battery since last full charge

• Time remaining on battery/time until

• Battery details (Health | Temperature | Voltage | Technology)

You must charge your battery to 100% after updating or installing for the first time for the widget to display the correct time on battery.

DashClock Battery Extension requires DashClock Widget by Roman Nurik:

• In-app purchases: For accepting donations–no features hidden behind a paywall!


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