Hearts скачать для Андроид бесплатно

Hearts card game is classic trick-taking card game. Let’s play hearts now.

The game is also known as Black Lady, Rickety Kate, The Dirty, Dark Lady, Slippery Anne, Chase the Lady, Crubs, Black Queen and Black Maria, Queen of Spades.

The game is ended by someone reaching or going over 60-100-160 points, and the winner is the player with the lowest score at this point. The first trick is lead by the player holding the 2 of clubs.

✔ Smart challenging opponents
✔ User friendly
✔ Daily Winning Leaderboards
✔ Daily Richest Leaderboards
✔ Daily Helpful Leaderboards
✔ Levels
✔ Special Avatars
✔ Gamification with game money
✔ Stable, fast, fun!
✔ Convert game money to real gifts
✔ Statistics
✔ Marketplace
✔ Landscape support
✔ Free
✔ Game Speed (Fast – Normal)
✔ Game Finish Score (60 – 100 – 160)
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✔ Hearts plus, Cups, hearts windows, classic hearts, copas, corazones.


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