Holo Themed - Sense 4+ HD Skin бесплатно скачать для Андроида

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This skin *ONLY* works on the HTC One X, One XL or on devices which run custom ROMs based on the One X/XL software (Sense 4+).

This skin does *NOT* work with sense 5.

This skin does *NOT* work on any non-Sense 4+ ROMs.

If you are running CyanogenMod, AOKP, MIUI or any other AOSP derived ROM, this skin will *NOT* work.

This theme will *NOT* work on devices with Sense 4.0a (like the HTC One V or any ports of the One V ROM.

Again: Only devices with a Sense 4+ based HTC One X/XL derived ROM will work.

To apply the skin go to Settings/Personalize/Skin/ and select purchased skin.

The skin will *NOT* appear as a normal apk in the app drawer!


Updated for Jelly Bean and Sense 4+. Please don’t install if you are NOT on Jelly Bean.

This WON’T work on ICS / Sense 4.0 / Sense 4.1

The Holo Themed – Sense 4+ HD skin is the a Sense 4+ skin, exclusively brought to you by Fonzo.

It includes theming for the Sense Launcher, Sense apps and the Sense lockscreen.

This skin introduces transparent and themed Sense clocks, a holo themed navigation bar, a themed notification bar, with more splashed of blue throughout the skin! (See screenshots)


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