Hybrid Launcher Lite бесплатно скачать для Андроида


Dies ist die Liteversion von HybridLauncher.
Die Liteversion unterstützt alle Features der Vollversion,
der einzige Unterschied ist, dass eine Benachrichtigung angezeigt wird,
solange HybridLauncher aktiv ist.

• Unlimited homescreens with individual backgrounds
• Real files on the homescreen as on the pc-desktop
• Freely positionable items with optional grid or magnetic axes
• Items individually adjustable
• Item size and rotation continuously variable
• Dynamic layout-size
• Direct execution of shell-scripts
• Links to other folders and files
• “Open with” dialog as known from PC
• Highly adjustable
• Available for Android version 2.1 up to 5.0+

• Data privacy is our highest priority
(HybridLauncher does not require internet access, no data will ever be sent)

For maximum transparency, let us explain why HybridLauncher requires the following permissions:
VIBRATE: When you long-press Items, your phone will vibrate.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: HybridLauncher is a filemanager. Thus, it should have permission to write on sd-cards. In particular, if you want to use a folder on the sd-card as homescreen, then a .layout file needs to be created on the sd-card.
WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE: This is generally the same as WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, but on newer devices (5.0+) the access to the external sdcard is blocked by default and needs this extra permission.
READ_CONTACTS: Contacts can be placed on your homescreen (e.g. to open the SMS app quickly), so HybridLauncher has to access your contacts data. HybridLauncher will not submit any data (have a look at the source code).
SET_WALLPAPER: An app needs this permission to change the background image.
SET_WALLPAPER_HINTS: For background parallaxing the system has to be told the size of the wallpaper.

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