Игра AfroHamster Spider●Great for time killing or brain training! скачать на iOS

Come and play!-=≡≡ヾ(o´∀`o)ノ

◇◆◇◆ Card game with adorable mascot!! ◇◆◇◆

– The Windows classic (Solitaire) with extra cute!

– A streamlined experience with no unneeded extras.

– Perfect for cute animal lovers!

〠■〠■ Quick and easy brain training 〠■〠■

– Move cards with simple taps and swipes

– Playable on iPhone, iPod and iPad

– Challenge other players’ clear times!

●○●○ Ideal for anyone who: ●○●○

– Wants a simple time-killer

– Loves relaxing card games like Blackjack, Pairs, Poker and Trumps

– Enjoys board games like Chess and Othello/Reversi,

– Are fans of Crosswords, number puzzles like Sudoku, and Spot the Difference

– Loves Hello Kitty!, Snoopy, Pokémon and other cute characters!

◆◇◆◇ Recommended for: ◆◇◆◇

– Commuting on the train or bus

– Waiting around in restaurants

– Playing in Cafés

● Extra Facts ⊂(‘ω’⊂ )))Σ≡==-

– There are many types of Solitaire

– This App contains the popular “Spider” Solitaire