Игра Classic Rock MemoPics беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Start your Journey to Classic Rock!

Classic Rock MemoPics™ is a Memo-Game about the greatest Rock Bands of all times and their masterpieces. Other than in common memo games you must not only find matching pairs, but listen and train your hearing.

Choose from several difficulty levels and playing alternatives. Listen to music and find the Band and the original cover or play in the traditional “Find-The-Pairs” mode while developing your sense for music!

No game matches the other – for every game new cards will be picked and arranged on a random basis.

Play Classic Rock MemoPics™ on your own or challenge your friends – the one picking the most cards in the shortest time will win.

Classic Rock has been designed with MemoPics™. Once you want to create, share or publish your own Memo-Games from your photo- and media libraries you may download MemoPics™ from the AppStore.