Игра Club™ - Social Online Games беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Become a member of the elite group of Players for free! You will feel like in a real casino.

Club ™ is one of the fastest growing social gaming and simulation games online platform. Play slot machines, different kinds of video poker and poker, table and club games – all in the company of the best Players.

You hit the Jackpot? Show off on chat! Someone hit the Big Win? Congratulate him

We encourage you to chat on public chats. All Players have access to public chat, as well as to private chats between friends. Our current social features are the Player’s board where you can find photo gallery, walls and comments section. A friend is not available? Leave him a message on the personalized mail section, where you also receive messages from Service about current news and changes. Check the rankings of Jackpots, Daily League, Monthly Cup and Annual. Check who hit 777 recently!

Every Big Win is announced on the chat, so you can congratulate or thank others and celebrate your wins. Chats are active 24 hours per day, so you can find Players willing to chat or the game companions at any time.

Your friend has no money to play for? You can help him! A limited transfer to other Players is available every day – so you can help your friends when they are in need.

Do you want to play alone? Create a private room and enjoy a peaceful game alone or in a selected group of friends.

You are out of money? No worries!

Thanks to our free CLUB’S REWARDS AND BONUSES PROGRAM you can get additional funds. We have prepared for you a free gift available every 10 minutes, Premium Spins, free bonuses – $ for active Players, daily and monthly VIP rewards – available for every VIP status! Also there is Crazy Mission, Supercup and many other rewards and bonuses.

Create and verify your first account and get the bonus for the start!


Achieve new Levels and Ranks to draw boxes with prizes! There are four types of boxes with customized rewards. Play and reach new Levels to increase your chances of winning next Rank!

Development is essential

Choose from games like Bingo, Roulette, Texas Hold’em Poker, Video Poker and Video Poker 2 Wild, Slots: Seven Hot, Hold Star, Power Joker, Ultra Triple, Gold Bucks, Lucky Crown and much more in the future! We have prepared a special Forum for our Users, where everyone can share their ideas or evaluation of existing functionalities. Each voice is important to us and we introduce every new functionalities and changes in accordance with the opinion of our community.

Elegance, simplicity and professional service

The appearance of the application is transparent and accessible to everyone, additionally we have enabled the introduction of personalized changes of graphic effects and privacy to ensure full convenience for each User.

Our Support is available 24 hours per day at [email protected] and each Player’s case is immediately verified. All the time Administrators are available in chat rooms, so you can always ask them a questions and present your problem. Every Player on the site is treated like VIP, just like in a real casino.

Visit us today and check your options!

Club ™ application has been designed for entertainment purposes and participation in any game on the site is not tantamount with the possibility for Users to obtain any monetary or material prizes. The only goal is entertainment and satisfaction by achieving a higher place in the ranking.