Игра Collusion Game беплатно для iPhone и iPad

The Year is 2017. Russian Intelligence Agents have infiltrated the 2016 U.S. elections, hacking into election systems and email servers, building fake news websites and fake media companies, building bots to upvote fake news on Facebook, and possibly even infiltrating the campaigns of the candidates themselves.

You play a Special Agent on a team investigating clues at potential crime scenes from New York and Washington to London and Moscow. Your assignment is to tail one of eight suspects around the world, and you also have subpoena power to summon one other suspect each turn to a potential crime scene.

You’ll use logic to separate out the merely scandalous from the criminally scandalous, and work to bring an indictment against the correct suspect in one scandal at one scene. The indictment must be correct, or you will lose the game and the country.

Ideally, you would like to be the first Special Agent to discover the correct indictment, but any agent on your team can win for the good of the country.

Remember, the clock is ticking against you. If you make Donald Trump too angry, he might exercise the Pardon Power. And if the investigation drags on too long, then all will truly be lost…