Игра Cookie Catch - Yummy, Which is the Diff? беплатно для iPhone и iPad

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“Catches win Matches”

“Catch the Odd Cookie & Score”

“Beat the clock”


All of us used to grab the cookies quickly when were kids. Same quickness is required to score in this game. Out of 16 cookies, one is different in colour, transition, vibrancy or any other parameter. But, it is identifiable with a little effort. You just need to identify that odd cookie and tap on that. Once done, another different cookie will appear at the different location. You have to repeat the process of tapping.

You will get one point on one tap, and you are allotted only a minute to identify and tap as many cookies as you can. Score high by tapping more cookies in a minute. Share with friends and beat them to stay on top. Let’s see who’s got a quick thumb?

+++ Game Features +++

“Cookies on the Table Graphics”

“Great Time Killing Game”

“Increases The Mind Responsiveness Power”