Игра CoreMATCH Full - Card Matching беплатно для iPhone и iPad

CoreMATCH is an educational card-matching game designed by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. Learn 80% of core vocabulary words used in communication while having fun. This is the full version which is suitable for classroom use. Great for teachers and parents that want to incorporate core vocabulary into playtime at home and school.

Features include:

– Grid sizes of 4×4, 6×6, and 8×8

– English/Spanish words for matching

– “Read on select” where the device will say the word while showing the icon

– Icon Sets: Select specific icon groups to focus on (body parts, colors/shapes, nouns, verbs, environment, custom)

– Create your own custom icons to play with by using your own emojis and words.

– Uses the same icon set from our popular AAC application, CoreVOICE, so that users of that application can learn using symbols they are familiar with.