Игра CounterSpell беплатно для iPhone и iPad

CounterSpell is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.

CounterSpell is a project that aims to give any Magic: The Gathering player the best possible experience as far as life tracking.

It features:

– Life, Commander Damage, Commander Casts, Poison Counters, Experience Counters, Storm Count, Total Man Tracker, City’s Blessing, Monarch, and another custom counter to keep track of anything you could possibly need.

– Scroll Interaction: You can swipe over a player’s name to deal damages to him or to make him gain life.

– High Precision: You see how much damages you’re dealing while you swipe, you see the result number of life that the current amount of damages would produce and when you’re sure about what you’re doing, simply release the swipe for a moment to make CounterSpell confirm the edit.

– Multiple Players Damage: You can select any number of players before starting to scroll to modify their life totals, so your Pestilence friend won’t drive you insane anymore.

– Commander Damage: You can easily keep track of the damage made by any player’s commander to any other player (or even himself, if that’s the case).

– Complete, accurate and easy-to-read History: You can see precisely when any of the edits were made, what type of damage and how much damage was dealt.

– Option to undo any mistake: If the undo and redo button are not enough, you can delete a single interaction made any time in the past without affecting any subsequent action.

– Playgroup management: You can save the names of your friends, and you can replace the current group of players with any set of saved names at any time to start a new game, or you can delete / add players to the current game in just a second.

– Partner Commander Damage: You can split a player’s commander in two partners without overcomplicating the UI and keep track of his two commanders damages separately using just one more “tap” than usual.

– Manual interaction: You can manually set a given number of life for a player, in that remote case you need to gain exactly 273 life and you don’t want to scroll twenty times to achieve that.