Игра Cracker Barrel Games беплатно для iPhone и iPad

• Play Cracker Barrel Games™ in the comfort of your home, or wherever you’re most comfortable, including:

– Letter Blocks – a new word game

– Solitaire

– Trivia

– Peg Game

– Checkers

– Memory Match

– Spot the Difference

• We’re pleased to offer this game app for free, with no third party advertising.

• Play the games alone or with a family member or friend right on your phone or tablet.

– For a challenge just for you, play our Peg Game or deal yourself a hand of Solitaire.

– Test your knowledge about the good ole USA in Trivia

– For fun with others, play Spot the Difference with images of classic Americana.

– Test your memory in Memory Match and hear the cheers of a ballpark or the “ding” of an oven timer.

– Or simply relive memories of playing checkers at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store®.

Whether you’re gathered together for game night or riding in the backseat on a road trip, we hope you enjoy good, old-fashioned fun with our games.

And if all this gaming gets you hungry, use the map to find a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® location near you. Stop on by, you’re always welcome.

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