Игра Crazy Eights for Everyone беплатно для iPhone и iPad

This is a one-player version of the classic Crazy Eights card game for all ages, where you play against the computer. This version of Crazy Eights is easy to learn as you play. Although there are different and complex variations of Crazy Eights, this app uses the simple rule of a limit of one play of a card per turn. Help is provided during the game if you need it.

This app is customizable so that you can show hints, change the rules, or set the size of your hand or the deck.

Historically, the Crazy Eights card game has had other variations, such as Bartok, Mao and Taki. This game may sometimes be referred to by other names such as Craits, Mau-Mau, Switch, and Last Card. Anyone who has played those games will have no difficulty playing this one.