Игра Crazy Eights Mobile беплатно для iPhone и iPad

The goal of the game is to be first to get rid of all the cards in the hand by placing them on a discard pile. The game starts by dealing six cards to each of the four players and placing one card face up in a discard pile. You must play a card of the same rank or suit over the card in the discard pile when your turn comes. In order to win you must have a very good strategy.

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* * * FEATURES * * *

– advanced AI players

– intuitive interface

– HD quality graphics

– balanced rules

* * * TIPS * * *

– If you have an 8 or a joker you can place it over any card.

– If you place a card of 2 the next player must take 2 cards from the stockpile. If he places a 2 the next player after him must take 4 cards and so on.

– You can use the Jack to make the next player wait a turn. If the player before you places a Jack you can wait or place another Jack.

– Following this turn the player who won’t respond with a Jack waits a turn.

– If you don’t have a suitable card, you can draw one from the stockpile.

– In order to wait a turn or take a card from the stockpile you need to tap the button next to your hand of cards.

– If you don’t have a suitable card after taking one from the stockpile, you must tap the “Jump” button.

– You can use a 9 to reverse the order of the play. Normally the deal is done clockwise.

– You can use an 8 to change the playing suit color. After you place an 8 a menu appears from which you can select the suit you want.

– If other players specify a new suit using an 8, the type of the suit will appear briefly on top of the stockpile.

– After a player plays all his cards, the round ends and points are awarded to this player.

– The points are calculated by adding 10 points for each common card and 50 points for eights, Jacks, nines, and twos.

– The first player to reach 300 points wins the game.

– The game saves its state so you can exit the game and return from where you left.

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