Игра Cribbage Combat беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Rules for the game:

1. Each player has 12 cards to play. You will see only one card at a time drawn from a 52 card deck.

2. A cut card from the deck is placed at the center of the game board.

3. Player decides if they want to be horizontal or vertical ( done in the settings menu).

4. Each player takes a turn laying a drawn card on the board.

5. The center row is reserved for the player that chose to score horizontally, and the center column is reserved for the player that chose to score vertically. If a player has the same number of cards left as the number of open spaces in their reserved row/column, they must play their remaining cards in their row/column. In other words, in each game the player must fill in the center row/column they’re responsible for.

6. Scoring is based on the standard cribbage scoring of a five card hand with the first card (center card) acting as the cut card for all hands. This game does not include instructions for hand scoring yet so please only play if you are knowledgable in how cribbage scoring works.