Игра Cribbage Craze беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Cribbage Craze is the ultimate iPhone cribbage game for advanced players who care about their stats. It’s been built from the ground up to track all of your critical game data while you play. Cribbage Craze records gameplay, pegging, and breaks down your points (hand, peg, crib, cut), and then offers you a History screen to review it all. There’s nothing else out there for the iPhone like it!

How would you use this data? It’s a great way to tell if you’re pegging well, if your discard strategy is working, or just to give you bragging rights on your lifetime win-loss ratio against friends. How could you possibly track all of this information on your own?

Cribbage Craze is the only cribbage offering with ALL of the following:

* Sophisticated in-game statistics such as Cut Help (how much the Cut card has helped both players) and Score Composition (how many points came from Hand, Crib, and Pegging)!

* Game summary statistics (tons including Wins, Losses, Best Hand, Average Peg) which can be filtered to see how you fare against specific players!

* Ability to review your history of games played earlier…play by play!

Cribbage Craze also has:

* Integration with Game Center so you can play online

* Bluetooth support for local multiplayer games (e.g. car rides or the airplane)

* Different game types (such as a Half Game or Low Cribbage)

* Customizable options for the table, cards, and pegs

Give it a shot (it’s free after all) and let us know what you think!