Игра CribbagePlus беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Play the classic game against an Artificial Intelligence opponent.

Choose between four computer skill levels from novice to expert. Or, let your AI opponent learn to play at a level matched to your own skill.

Game play has a natural feel. At the beginning of a hand you are dealt six cards, as shown in the first screenshot. After selecting two cards for the crib, you and your AI opponent take turns discarding your remaining four cards (second screenshot) and points scored are “pegged” on the crib board.

After all cards have been played, the hands are scored and the resulting points are pegged (third screenshot).

Hands continue to be dealt, played and scored until one of the players reaches 121 points and is declared the winner (last screen shot).

If you score 121 points before your opponent reaches 90, you have not only won… you’ve SKUNKED the computer!