Игра Daily SET Puzzle беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Triple Matching Mania! Sharpen your mind daily by playing a free SET® puzzle. Each day the Daily SET® Puzzle app generates a new puzzle so players can have fun and compare their rankings with other players around the globe playing exactly the same puzzle. The puzzle changes

daily and only your first score of the day counts—so be ready.

Included with Daily SET® Puzzle is an interactive tutorial that makes SET easy to learn.

The goal is to find all six SETs as quickly as possible. A SET is 3 cards in which each individual feature (color, shape, number and shading) is either all the SAME…or all DIFFERENT on each card.

SET® is the most highly awarded visual perception card game in history including:

MENSA Select, Parents’ Choice Best 25 games of the past 25 years, Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Games.

· It’s easy to learn

· Challenging to master

· Wonderfully addictive

· No luck needed to win

· Sharpens your mind

· The OFFICIAL SET app by Set Enterprises, Inc. makers of the card game.

· The same developers as SET® Mania and SET Pro HD both 4.5 star apps

Includes features that personalize your experience!

· Sound- Turn your music and sound effects on or off

· Background – Choose additional background options

· Colorblind deck – Choose Red Black and Yellow instead of Red Green and Purple

See Your Rank!

· Shows top worldwide Daily SET® Puzzle players rankings

· Players must be logged on into the Game Center to post or view rank.

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