Игра Deal Master беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Deal Master is the perfect tool for poker dealers (and players) to practice, test and monitor their speed and accuracy when dealing a variety of poker games. With Deal Master, you can:

* Practice evaluating every hand dealt to each player at the table

* Practice mucking all losing hands, leaving only the winning hand(s)

* Practice counting the stub

* Practice calculating the correct rake

There are many options to customize Deal Master. Deal Master will immediately tell you if you make a mistake. All exercises in Deal Master can be played with:

* Texas Hold’em

* Omaha

* Omaha Hi-Lo

* Seven Card

Deal Master keeps a master log of all sessions you play. Including:

* Total number of sessions from all exercises

* Total number of errors from all sessions from all exercises

* Errors per session ratio

* Total number of hands played from all sessions

* Average time spent on each hand from from all sessions

* Total time of all sessions

Within each session, Deal Master keeps a log of:

* Date and time of the session

* Details on how many hands were played

* Number of errors

* All settings and more

Deal Master even keeps a list of all errors that were made from each session so you can review each error to help you get better.

Complete instructions are included in Deal Master.