Игра Deck Master for Hearthstone беплатно для iPhone и iPad

The most complete utility app for hearthstone gamers is now FREE.

Without any internet connection required you can:

-Easily search cards by its Name, Description, Rarity and Tipology. For each card you have all details you needed and more (like popularity factor: how much that card is used by players’ deck!).

-Create unlimited Decks for all classes wherever you are. See Mana curve statistics and test your complete decks by simulating a “first hand” everytime you want.

– Track how many cards you have for each of them.

With a simple swipe (“on right” to add, “on left” to remove) you can recreate your very collection on this App.

-When you create o modify a deck you can also filter by cards you already have or not, therefore you know how much is possible to recreate that deck for real game!

– Added a new cool view on your collection stats: now you can see how many cards you have or you miss them to complete your entire HEARTHSTONE collection (for class or overall statistics).

**Please note: this is an unofficial reference App for Hearthstone. All images and contents are Blizzard Entertainment’s® copyright/trademark.