Игра Deck Share 500 беплатно для iPhone и iPad

DeckShare is a virtual deck of playing cards. This version plays 500 with other players or by yourself (robot players).

You purchase one version of DeckShare and it works with all other versions. When you play a player who purchased a different game, your DeckShare now “knows” or enables this game as well. The more you play, the more games your DeckShare will enable.


500 – version with bidding panel, scoring & play resolution. The trump & trick game of 500. A precursor to bridge and a modified form of euchre. Bid your hand, and try to make your contract. Your teammate helps. First team to 500 points wins. Touch the hand button (upper right) after deal to see your hand. 4 players in two teams is best but 2 can play also (with robots or without).

Real-time play.

Up to 4 players (depends on game).

Add robot players with the +/- button (in network game or local game).

Supports Game Center to invite friends and find other players.

Supports Game Center VoiceChat (selectable).

Intended for network play but some games can be played locally.

Learns others games when you play other players over the network.

Use 2D or 3D visual effects (selectable).

Currently supports 6 popular games as well as no rules.

Has 6 different card backs (selectable).

Sound effects enhance play.

Fun for all ages (recommend 12+).

Complete rules for this game can be found on our website. Also tips for using this versatile game.

How it works:

DeckShare is very easy to use. Slide cards to move them. Touch once to flip a card over. Double tap the play field to resolve play (game specific). Touch the shuffle button to shuffle the cards. Touch the deal button to deal the cards. Touch the Game Center icon to invite friends or find other players. Once connected to other players, select a game and all other players see the game as well. When a unknown game is enabled, it is yours to use or share with other players.