Игра Deckhowler беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Free Features:

Advanced Search functionality:

-Create and save custom search queries for almost all properties you can think of (Name, Oracle Text ,Rarity, Color, Layout, Legality and many more)

Card Details:

-look up all printed MtG cards ever existed (including special sets)

-supports all foreign card prints

-every card layout supported: Token, Saga, Emblem, Transform, Flip, Meld, Split etc.

-linking of related cards (e.g. if a card creates a token you can directly jump to the card token detail page)

-same goes for the different foreign prints of a card

-Up to date format legalities for : Standard, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, Frontier, Pauper, Penny, Commander

-Up to date card rulings

-can be used offline

Deck builder:

-Create a deck from scratch or easily download a current MetaDeck

-powerful sorting, grouping, filtering

-automatically displays the legality of the deck

-Deck validator: checks if you you act within the rules of the selected deck format (4 of a kind, only common cards allowed (Pauper format) etc.)

-Supports Mainboard, Sideboard and Maybeboard

-Shows the Tokens used by cards inside the deck

-Prices your deck

-Lists missing cards

-Easy Import/Export functionality

-Interactive deck statistics like Mana Curve and Type Distribution (clicking the chart bars will highlight the corresponding cards)

-Test deck functionality (Simulate starting hand, follow up draws, Mulligans)

-Draw probability sheet which shows the probability of drawing at least one of the specific card of your deck

-Combined Draw Probability (Want to know the percentage of having at least 1 Shock, 2 Lighting Strikes and 2 Mountains in your starting hand? With this function you can show all the draw probabilities of specific combos of your deck)

-Supports notes for each individual card


-create as many collections as you want

-Define which set you want to collect (all sets are included per default but maybe you only want a collection which only contains your favorite sets)

-Completion Status of each set and the whole collection

-Value of each card, set and collection

-Powerful filter, sort, grouping functions

-Import/Export your collection (Import is done in Deckbox.org format so if you have entered your collection there it is very easy to import it into Deckhowler and vice versa

-Supports foreign prints and foil cards


-Supports notes for each individual collection entry

Life Counter:

-up to four players

-match history

-player profiles

-keep track of wins-losses-draws records for player and or deck

-additional counters

And More:

-Dashboard which lets you quick access your saved search queries, decks, collections and sets (can be customised which of the items should be shown)

-Set Browser including every set (latest: Core Set 2020)

-Random Card feature

-Favorite cards

-Mark cards for trade

-Card Scanner


Every feature of the app can be accessed for free but there are restrictions which can either be bypassed via In-App-Purchases or via watching an ad.

You can only create 3 decks (you can alter them as many times as you want) and only add 300 collection entries. There are no other restrictions.

Watching an ad will give you 1 deck or 30 collection entries respectively.

In App purchases will remove these restrictions and lets you create unlimited decks or collection entries.

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