Игра Dehla Pakad - Mindi Delude беплатно для iPhone и iPad

— Enjoy this crazy Indian Cards game in both Online multiplayer & offline mode —

“Dehla Pakad” (Hindi for “Collect the tens”) is a 4 player trick taking card game widely played in India.

Game is also known as Mindi or MendhiCoat

Nobody really knows when it started what we do know is

– Its Exciting

– Very addictive

– Needs focus

– Requires lot of strategy and understanding with your partner, since you cant cheat here. You are on your own.

–> And its ‘Desi’. <–

You might have played many card games but there is nothing like Dehla Pakad.


– Either take more than two 10s out of four in your hand


– Take two 10s out of four and make more than seven hands.

-Remember if you don’t have 10s in your hand, than you cant win no matter how many hands you score


– Universal application designed for both iPhone and iPad.

– 8 awesome themes & 8 card deck to personalize experience

– Intuitive sound effects.

– Flip card to make a move.

– Crystal clear retina display supported.

– Multitasking supported. So you can easily resume your game.

– You can additionally play Spades, Call break, Tarneeb & HOKM too


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