Игра Deluxe Spider Solitaire беплатно для iPhone и iPad

The #1 card game is here with Deluxe Spider Solitaire which is the most popular patience game world wide. Deluxe spider solitaire is just like the same spider solitaire on windows in which 8 suit of cards are arranged in descending sequence.

Become a professional by attempting all the modes and master you card game experience with all the 3 modes. If you are a fan of Klondike Solitaire, Free Cell or Solitaire then you will like Spider Solitaire which has high definition graphics and more features listed below.


– Easy Mode 1 suit

– Medium Mode 2 suits

– Hard Mode 4 suits

– Portrait and Landscape orientations

– Undo Option

– Helpful Hints

– Statistics

– Tablet support

– High Definition Graphics

– High Quality Sound

– Leader Board to show your score to your friends or foes

Its time to be a professional with Deluxe Spider Solitaire.