Игра FreeCell-Solitaire беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Familiar with Windows FreeCell game for you? Now you can play it on your device, come download it!


Beautiful ui, support for select game number, support portrait and landscape orientations, support hint, undo, autosave, timing and scoring.

***How to play***

FreeCell is played with a single deck of 52 cards, dealt face up into eight columns. You’ll draw from these columns to build your four stacks. In the upper-right corner are four free cells, where you temporarily store cards during play. In the upper-left corner are four home cells, where you build the stacks needed to win. Draw cards from the bottom of each column and move them in the following ways:

-From column to free cell. Only one card can occupy each free cell at a time.

-From column to column (or free cell to column). Cards must be placed on a column in descending sequential order, and alternating red and black.

-From column to home cell. Each stack must consist of a single suit, and start with an ace.