Игра FreeCell: Ultimate Challenge Edition - 100 Levels беплатно для iPhone и iPad

▼100 Super-difficult FreeCell puzzles!

We have collected together 100 super-difficult yet fun FreeCell puzzles!

The puzzles are arranged into 3 difficulties: Hard, Extreme, and Ultimate.

Can you complete them all?

Compete with the world through Gamecenter and aim for the number 1 score!

▼Intuitive, light, and simple controls

Just by a single touch or tap the cards will automatically move for you!

Intuitive design means your can concentrate on the puzzle, not the controls!

It is also possible, should you desire, to move cards by dragging them!

Compatible with all iDevices: iPhone, iPod Touch, and, of course, iPad!

▼Brain training

With some of the hardest FreeCell stages in existence, this game is perfect as a brain trainer.

During your commute to work or school, this app is exactly what you need for killing time.

With no time limit you can take your time and soak in the puzzles.

▼Recommended for those who:

・ can’t get enough of Microsoft’s Windows’ FreeCell and want a challenge with no superfluous extra rules!

・ love games of patience such as Solitaire, Klondike, FreeCell, Spider Solitaire

・ are looking to kill some time between bus and train rides on the way to and from work or school

・ enjoy a good puzzle

・ are interested in other card games, such as Concentration, Poker, Blackjack, and the Japanese Daifugo

・ enjoy other board games such as Reversi, Othello, Crosswords, Chess, and the Japanese Shogi and Go

・ need a break from their current environment and just take some time out

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This app is a free download.