Игра Frence Belote беплатно для iPhone и iPad

-Frence Belote is a partnership trick-taking game, that is played with a 32 card deck: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7. Game played over a series of hands, with the aim of being the first partnership to reach end score.

-There are 4 players consisting of two teams, each with partners sitting opposite of each other. You play in the south seat.

** Scoring & Result **

-The betting team must a minimum of 82 score to fulfill contract.

-The first team to reach a minimum of 301 score win the game. If both teams collect over 301 scores, then the team with the highest score wins.

-If A Player receives the QUEEN and KING in the trump suit, then this is called “Belote or Rebelote”.

-The rank of the cards is different for trump(Jack 9 Ace 10 King Queen 8 7) and non-trump(Ace 10 King Queen Jack 9 8 7) suits. The order is (from highest to lowest rank).

Frence Belote is card game played with family, friends, with plenty of features. Frence Belote Card Game brings you a really unique gaming experience.

Just launch Frence Belote and rack your brains and win!

Have fun.