Игра French Memory Cards беплатно для iPhone и iPad

French Memory Cards is a fun, colorful card matching memory game for kids and the whole family.

The rules are super-simple: flip one card, and if the next card you flip matches the previous one, both cards will disappear from the game screen.

This fun concentration game enhances visual-memory skills and helps learning basic French words in six topics: Animals, Colors, Numbers, Fruits, Vegetables, and Vehicles.


• Fun-packed card flipping / matching memory game + a bonus balloon popping game!

• Learning fundamental French vocabulary in 6 topics.

• Learning to count up to 10 in French.

• Learning the major 10 colors in French.

• High quality authentic audio recordings of the topics and words.

• Authentic music soundtrack, sound effects and animations.

Aimed at children aged 2-5, “French Memory Cards” also helps:

– build motor skills and concentration

– reinforce hand-eye coordination (through the memory game and the balloon popping activity)


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