Игра Fruit Candy Solitaire Challenge беплатно для iPhone и iPad

+++++ An addictive, exciting solitaire game. +++++

+++++ Fruit Candy Solitaire Challenge is a fun and more challenging version of the classic solitaire game. ++++++

Fruit Candy Solitaire Challenge is contained of three connected card pyramids that you must remove as fast as you can.

Try to create a long chain to score the most points and win as many points as you can.

Fruit Candy Solitaire Challenge (also known as Three Peaks, Tri Towers or Triple Peaks) are in the same family of card solitaire games as Golf and Black Hole.

Fruit Candy Solitaire challenges you in mind and spirit waiting for you to figure out how you can clear the table of all cards and move them to the discard pile.


• Clear all the cards from the peaks before time runs out.

• Face up cards can be put in the discard pile if they are one higher or one lower than the current discarded card.

• Click the face down cards next to the discard pile for additional cards if you get stuck.

• Click on the next card that is higher or lower in sequence

• Use the wild card as any time

• Try to win as many rounds as possible and get the highest score you can

• The undo button only allows one undo at a time.

Your goal is to chain as many cards together in one turn until you are forced to get the next card on the down turned deck for help.

Hints for Fruit Candy Solitaire Challenge:

• You obtain bigger scores for the longer card runs. You can use the wild card to assist you in this endeavor.

• Use the wild card wisely to increase your chances of completing a round. Many people recommend playing the card towards the end of a round.

• The quicker your play the higher your time bonus.

• Use the undo button to undo one move at a time, if used properly it can be used to help uncover cards you would otherwise be unable to see.

Proclaim your spot as a bona fide winner by moving the table cards to the discard stack.