Игра фрукты Память пары Соответствием Игра Для Дети беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Match and matching cards puzzles is a memory game will be improved their memory and also enable them to learn new skills. By choosing to serve the same function from clicking the two images, select the picture too. If opened the image too. To remember the position of the image that is what image, and find the same picture, play together since childhood, children in elementary school fun brain development.

The app is perfect for kids in the age group 2-10.

Game features:

1) Ability to start the game from any of the high levels.

2) Ability to store the last level and resume the game from that level.

3) Every time you find 2 identical cards.

4) In the options you can set the playback of sound of the device.

Don’t worry to play, please download now for free.