Игра Fun with Words Flashcards беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Fun with Words uses Oxford University Press’ popular Biff, Chip and Kipper characters in fun, flashcard-based word games designed to help children learn to read, spell and write.

These games provide an easy and enjoyable way for children to practise reading high frequency words. Fun with Words contains a series of flashcards with common, high frequency words that children need to learn to recognise by sight. Some of the words are decodable, but the aim of the app is to teach children to recognise the words on sight, without needing to decode them.

As you play on the app, you’ll collect stickers, which lets you track your progress. If you collect enough stickers for a game, you’ll win a certificate (which can be shared via email or social media). Collect all stickers in the app to unlock a special rare sticker.


49 individual cards to show or go through.

Hear each card spoken aloud by tapping on the written word

Record voices to playback to practice your own pronunciation

3 fun games using the words from the flashcards

Test your power of recollection with memory game

Create words from letters with word builder

Identify sounds with Fishing game

Collect stickers in each game

Unlock all rare stickers to unlock the main game sticker to show achievements.

Earn printable certificates

Share certificates through email, message, twitter and more!

Parents section with how to use, rate the app access, and more info on the app and contributors.

Content is from the Oxford University Press product: Fun With Words.


Illustrations © Alex Brychta 2013 with additional illustrations by Nick Schon

Text © Annemarie Young 2013

The characters in this work are the original creation of Roderick Hunt and Alex Brychta who retain copyright of the characters.