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Play awesome slots and table games at FunkySlots and WIN valuable chip prizes every day. We offer a wide range of texas hold’em poker, slots, and video poker tournaments for you, all year round!

Get your Bonus chips!

In our free-to-play game, FunkySlots awards you with a bonus chip package of 1000 chips every 10 minutes, up to 6000 chips within an hour. If this is not enough for you, and you wish to play like a high roller, you can choose from our available discounted chip packages any time. Everything is possible!

Become a VIP member!

Get even more benefits with our VIP membership! You can register in daily VIP members-only poker tournament, where even more prizes await the winners! You can create password-protected private tables and invite friends to play exclusively! You can also make private chatrooms and talk to your friends. Or check your game history with your VIP membership and see game logs and hands played in the past. Furthermore all VIP members receive a crown icon next to their names, distinguishing them from ordinary players.

Collect bonus points!

During the course of the game, you will gain levels and unlock treasure chests at each level, which will award you with chips, days of VIP membership, and bonus points. You may exchange your bonus points for extra chips and VIP subscription.

Our games:

​20+ different Slots

Texas Hold’em Poker

Omaha Poker

6 Video Poker variants