Игра FunTCG беплатно для iPhone и iPad

You can use FunTCG to display your score when playing card games such as Magic or Force of Will.

The app can display scores from 1 to 4 players simultaneously. You can lay your iPad or iPhone on the table to display score while playing.

Each player can choose for himself:

. a background color

. a name

. the orientation of the displayed life score (can be changed anytime even when playing, by tapping the rounded arrow button)

When playing, the current life score of each player is clearly visible. Each player can tap on + or – to update the life score along the game.

You can see how much life is added or removed to check what you have just done.

When a game ends, you can tell the app who won (or if it is a draw) and this score will be kept until the end of the whole match. During a match, you can see how many victories each player has. Someone just passing by will know the state of the game.

You can choose one of the pre-configured game modes or create your custom game mode.

Pre-configured game modes include:

. Force of Will game mode: the beginning life of each player is 4000, and each tap of the + or – will add or remove 100.

. Magic game mode: the beginning life of each player is 20, and each tap of the + or – will add or remove 1.

Or you can easily create a custom game mode, and set your preferred beginning life, increment and even the life limit causing loss (thus you can allow the score to go below zero if your game mode requires it).

The app offers a night mode to display a dark background if preferred. It saves battery life!

You can also access many dice that are useful when playing some card games:

. a 6-sided dice

. a 20-sided dice

. a “heads or tails”

. a customisable set of 1 to 4 dice

Have fun playing games!