Игра Galatune Companion App беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Your ultimate companion toolset for the Galatune card game! Much more than your run-of-the-mill card game damage calculator, this versatile app runs a range of digital support functions to enhance your gameplay experience when used with the printed Galatune card game. Includes digital rule book, card bank index, character select host, virtual coin flips, count-down cue, damage calculator, special effect notes and more. Designed for battles of 2-5 players.

Galatune is an anime battle card game inspired by popular brawling video games. In Galatune, 2 or more players compete for Victory Points by defeating each other in battle. Unlike most battle card games, in Galatune everyone takes their turns simultaneously leading to fun fast-paced action. The game doesn’t end when your champion falls in battle. Instead, players instantly respawn like a videogame and everyone continues fighting until the final Victory Point is won. Learn more about Galatune and order your game at www.galatune.com

App developed by Wraith Games Limited on behalf of Galatune, LLC. The Galatune Companion App, card game, and all game content is copyrighted by Galatune, LLC.