Игра GapSolitaireNarunaru беплатно для iPhone и iPad

The 6th trump game of Narunaru!

The aim of “Gap solitaire” is to line up a stack of cards in turn, all of the same suit.

*How To Play*

– First, all cards dealt in face-up into four rows on Board.

– Move the card to Gap(= place without the card) on Board.

– Only a card of next number and same suit in the left of gap can move.

(For example, “4 of spade” can be move to right of “3 of spade”.)

* No card may be moved to the right of a maximum number card.

(When K is Maximum number, no card may be move to right side of K.)

* Only Ace can be moved to gaps in the left-most of row.

– The game is cleared if all rows arranged in same suits and sequence.

– You can use shuffle only once during the game only if game mode is in “shuffle:ON”.

* The cards that are not in order are shuffled.


– There is Narunaru here, there is Narunaru also there!

– The card which be able to move will be yellow.

– Easy to play! Just tap a card which is colored!

– Supports UNDO!

Press the Undo button, you can return to the previous state.

(However, add 15 sec as penalty.)

– Record past result (time and the number of movements of card) in each mode.

* If time is same, determine rank by the number of movements of card.

– World rankings available.

* Register your best time and the number of movements of card in world ranking.

– ON/OFF setting of the sound function.

– Can change animation speed.

– Can hide ad by remove ad(purchased in this app).

* If you hide ad,display “Completion ratio” and “Your best score”.


– A~4shuffle:ON

– A~7shuffle:ON

– A~10shuffle:ON

– A~Kshuffle:ON

– A~4shuffle:OFF

– A~7shuffle:OFF

– A~10shuffle:OFF

– A~Kshuffle:OFF

Total 8 mode!

Aim to clear the game by the fastest time and the least number of movements of card!

Narunaru is looking forward to your challenge!