Игра GBL Poker Casino Game беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Play the world’s best Poker game with high stakes, tournaments and challenge your friends to win against you, GBL Poker is a free multiplayer game.


CASINO TABLES – Play in the world famous Casino rooms, bet more to win more.

POKER GAME MODE – Texas Hold ‘Em cash game and Omaha are the 2 best ways to play Poker, you can go for high stakes betting tables in tournaments.

PLAY WITH FRIENDS – GBL Poker will give you real casino feel while playing, you can play it with your friends & family.

FREE CHIPS – Get free chips on every few hours, play every day to earn more FREE CHIPS.

CHAT WITH FRIENDS – Chat with your friends and family while playing the Poker game.

NO REGISTRATION – Just install in your pocket devices and play, no registration required to play GBL Poker game in mobile devices.

CROSS PLATFORM – Login with your Facebook account to access your GBL Poker profile history in other available platforms.

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GBL POKER is designed only for the adults and not for the children, This Casino game is not a real money gambling game.

Download GBL Poker to play with friends now!

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