Игра German Whist беплатно для iPhone и iPad

German Whist (or Hamburg Whist) is a variation of the classic card game whist for two players. There are two scoring variants of this game: either all 26 tricks count towards your score or only the last 13.

The game is played in two sections: the foreplay and the endgame. During the foreplay, players select cards from their hand in order to win or lose cards turned over from the deck. In the endgame, they play their resulting hands against each other.

This version of whist is the most skilled game of all for two players with a common deck of cards. It is possible for players with a good memory to determine exactly which 13 cards their opponent has after the foreplay, and use this knowledge to plan their endgame.

It takes real skill to beat the computer on hard mode with its perfect memory.

Fancy a quicker game? Try our all new ‘small whist’ game mode which uses a 28 card piquet deck (2-7 of each suit removed).

A great game to learn basic card skills, and fun to play!