Игра Gin Rummy. беплатно для iPhone и iPad

JJPlay Gin Rummy, the best FREE Gin Rummy experience available on smartphones and tablets.

Get ready to out wit your opponents in this American classic.


Automatic matchmaking – So you always find fun and challenging opponents.

Or play with friends – Just log in with Facebook to connect with each other.

Or play offline with the computer.


No registration

No dangerous permissions


Full retina display support for crystal clear graphics.

Also works great on budget devices down to (320×240) resolution.

Rules of the game can be found here:


Please send your comments and suggestions to [email protected]

Additional Scoring Notes:

Knocker receives the difference between the two players count, plus 20 points.

Unlike traditional rules, there is no 100 point bonus for reaching 100 first. Players can leave after each round without penalty.

“Lay off” of unmatched cards is performed automatically.

Playing with Facebook friends:

To play with friends, from the main menu click “Multiplayer” then “Friends”. You will see available Facebook friends on the right side on the screen. Click “Add” to add friends to your game. Both you and your friends need to be in the game to see each other.