Игра GiveMe2: Picture match беплатно для iPhone и iPad

GiveMe2 is a different memory game that will test you through its different game modes.

Main characteristics:

· VERSUS mode: You can play against players from around the world in exciting games in real time. Will you be the number 1?

· BOT mode: Play against the GiveMe2 bot to bring your memory to the next level.

· KIDS mode: The little ones can have fun while they develop their memory in the most entertaining way WITHOUT PUBLICITY.

· RANDOM mode: The cards will move form their place. Will you be able to find them before the time runs out?

· EXTREME mode: When you think you’re going to end up new couples will appear.

· ENDLESS mode: Each time you finish the board, a new one will appear but with less time. How many points can you make?

· Use your photo gallery or play with our images selection.


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