Игра GO Team Investigates беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Grandma Gertrude and ace reporter Owen are the ‘GO’ team. They like solving crimes and are at their best when the police don’t have a clue.

Play the card game of solitaire and match the tiles in mahjong to gather important clues.

Thats not enough…the clues make no sense unless they are connected together. Get your grey cells working to unravel the mystery in a challenging puzzle game to reveal what really happened and help the police catch the culprit.

From murders to theft, you can help the GO team investigate and crack eight different mysterious cases


1. A solitaire card game and a mahjong match game in one.

2. Choose any game to play and collect clues for the case

3. Play the brain teaser puzzle to connect the clues together

4. More than 150 levels with unique layouts offering hours of gameplay.

5. Exciting power ups to help you win.

6. Eight different challenging mysteries to solve

7. No in-app product purchases

8. Full game available with more than 150 + replayable levels for solitaire card game and mahjong match tile game