Игра Golden Arcana: Tactics беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Welcome to the world of Arae! A place where fantasy and science coexist in harmony and civilizations bask in a golden age thanks to the power of Cards to solve their issues. But this is not a time of peace, and tactical conflicts between nations are very common.

But a new threat has descended upon Arae. The Voraces race is ravaging all life and it looks like nothing can stop them.

Take the leadership of this adventure and, along with your allies, unleash the power of the Arcana, ages-old Cards with legendary abilities. Will you be able to save the world from the Voraces?



Get new Arcana in order to defeat powerful enemies and save the world of Arae in a gripping story!


Unleash the power of the Arcanes to recruit new allies and create the perfect group. Each character has unique skills in all shapes and forms!


Fight real time battles where the action never stops! Use your cards wisely if you want to emerge victorious!


Nothing needs to be paid for! Everything can be unlocked by playing the game, such as recruiting new characters or improving their skills!

Golden Arcana combines RPGs and card games in an incredible sci-fi and fantasy adventure to save all of humanity.


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