Игра Golf Solitaire Birds беплатно для iPhone и iPad

GOLF SOLITAIRE is the ultimate in relaxing casual fun! Pure luck of the cards is combined with an element of STRATEGY to exercise your brain. Play this golfing-style solitaire card game to challenge yourself solo – use our “Joker” hints for an even more chilled-out experience.

This game is so addictive! Each round of GOLF SOLITAIRE invites you to play a board of 35 randomly shuffled cards laid out FACE UP in 7 columns of 5. A MOVE is made by selecting a card one number higher or lower than the dealt card. The game gives you NINE deals of the cards in which to CLEAN UP THE BOARD with the least possible moves. Can you plan your moves and finish the game under par?

As an additional bonus, our game rewards you with 15 GLORIOUS IMAGES to be unlocked as you collect points in game. GOLF SOLITAIRE BIRDS features a delightful array of beautiful birds of all shapes and sizes!


CUSTOMISE your game choosing from 4 golf-themed table backgrounds, and 4 picture card-backs

CHOOSE landscape or portrait mode – offline gaming is also available

HELPFUL – play Joker for cash, to reveal in-game hints!

WIN bonus points for move streaks, and check out your form on the statistics screen

UNLOCK up to 15 beautiful pictures, and customise them in the gallery