Игра Gomoku Stand-alone version беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Gobang is one of the games of the World Intellectual Games,is a two-person chess game of pure strategy,is one of the world’s intellectual games,the two sides usually use black and white chess pieces,the next in the chessboard line and horizontal intersection,the first form of 5-link winner.

People in many countries have different nickname for Gobang,for example,Koreans call Gobang “couple chess”,implying that the gobang between lovers is conducive to increased emotional communication; Europeans call it “gentleman chess”,which represents the Gobang gentleman’s demeanor,and the Japanese call it “middle-aged chess”,which explains the physiological characteristics and mode of thinking of Gobang fit for the elderly.

How to Play:

Gobang special chessboard for 15 squares,from the black side to take the first step,and then white play the second step,until one of them,first in the chessboard of the horizontal,vertical or diagonal on the formation of a continuous five pieces or more than five pieces.To win the game.

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