Игра Goodsol FreeCell Plus беплатно для iPhone и iPad

FreeCell Plus is FreeCell the way it ought to be.

FreeCell Plus is easy to play – just drag the cards or tap them to move them quickly. Our beautiful cards are designed to look like real cards but be easy to see.

Undo any move or all your moves. It automatically saves your games when you leave and you can continue playing when you return. The AutoPlay/QuickMove option can automatically play cards to the foundations for you.

Pinch to make the cards smaller or spread to make them bigger. It automatically adjusts card size for portrait or landscape. Tap and hold on a pile to get more information about what cards can be played there.

– Contains the classic game FreeCell, the popular game Sea Towers, Eight Off, Penguin, Spidercells, and more.

– Game numbers compatible with our Mac games and the classic Windows FreeCell.